********This stitch mystery has been solved by KONSTANTINA! A special thanks to her!! The stitch is single crochet in the back loop only in the round.*******

I need help figuring out what this sitch is! I came to the blogashpere (is that a word?) for help. I know it’s a crochet stitch. I don’t think it’s tunisian crochet, but I might be wrong. Any help would be appreciated!



Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 8.01.36 AM

(pictures by ozetta and victory garden yarn)


5 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Hello i happen to look for this stitch as well:) and i can’t find it unfortunately
    If you get lucky and find it pls would you share it with me:)
    Thank you

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    1. You know i think it is single crochet in the round but as you go you crochet only trough the back loop. I am going to try it now on a little sample. This effect with the back loop is only when you knit in the round. You can try it too:)
      But i am pretty sure:) haha so simple but it looks …you know
      Let me know if you try


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