quest for yarn

When I opened my Etsy shop, I had a hard time picking what yarn I was going to use for it.

I’m a fan of all Lion Brand yarn, because they have a great selection, great colors, and also I love their website, where there are thousands (literally) of free patterns. I especially like their Hometown USA yarn, which (I know) is 100% acrylic, BUT, super soft. I really like their tweed colors.


You can buy the yarn directly from Lion Brand, and pay $5.29 a ball (plus shipping), but conveniently there is a Hancock Fabrics store that I buy the yarn from for $3.70 a ball. A great deal!

Anyway, feel free to share your yarn experience in the comment section. Happy knitting!


2 thoughts on “quest for yarn

  1. Lion Brand is one of the best acrylic brands out there! I’m not sure how they do it, but their yarns are so soft compared to most of the other craft store brands.
    But when it comes to non-acrylic yarn, one of my favorite brands has to be Anzula. They have a sea cell/silk blend that is just amazing.


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