new yarn

I just bought some of this beautiful Lion Brand Homespun Thick and Quick. I’m using it to make baby hats now.



Very soft. I love the colors and each ball comes with 160 yards! I made about 10 baby hats out of a ball.



I finished some leg warmers in Lion Brand Tweed Stripes yarn in the color Orchid. I casted on 30, worked garter stitch for 7 inches, and sewed them up! They’re a present, so I tied them up and put a tag on them.

on the go stuff

I knit and crochet everywhere! Here are some tips when you’re crafting on the go.

Knitters, use circular needles. The great thing is you can use circular needles the same way you use straight needles. Also, if you’re on a plane, you won’t bump your seatmate’s elbows with the tips of the needles.

Always use bags. I use ‘s Gadgety bag. They’re really handy. You can veiw them here. If you’re carrying more than yarn and tools, use bigger bags.

Don’t bring your most expensive tools and yarns if you’re going on a trip. They might get lost easily.

By the way, if you’re taking a trip on the ariplane, you can bring knitting needles and crochet hooks. You can’t bring scissors with blades longer 4 inches, but you can bring scissors with blades shorter than 4 inches. A great alternative to scissors is nail clippers, which can cut yarn easily.

Feel free to share any tips in the comment section. Thanks!

just because

Here are some of my favorite Lion Brand patterns…just because. They’re all pretty easy, so they are perfect for beginers.

This really pretty Hudson Seed Stitch Scarf made with Lion Brand Fisherman’s wool. Click here for the pattern.


This Freshman Knit Hat is super easy to make! It’s made with Lion Brand Homespun. I love this color! Click here for the pattern.


The Margate Hood will keep you warm! Made with Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick. Click here for the pattern.


Love this Tweed Cowl! It’s made with Lion Brand Heartland. Click here for the pattern.


You can find lots more at

arm knitting:dos and donts

Arm knitting is a popular new craft that I have just picked up on. You basically use your arms like giant knitting needles. You don’t really need any expirience with real knitting. Today I’m going to share some tips on arm knitting.

First of all, you usually always use several strands of #5 or #6 yarn. Some good yarns to use are Lion Brand Quickie, Paton’s Cobbles, Bernat Blanket Yarn, Courture Jazz, or Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick.

Don’t let the loops be too loose or too tight on your arm. Try to find a middle ground. Also, if you want to take a break, you can take the loops off your arm and tie them with a peice of yarn or thread. You can also watch a video on how to do that here.

Anyway, I hope you learned something and might try arm knitting soon. Feel free to share your arm knitting expirience in the comment section. Thanks!

Pssst! Hey crocheters! Did you know there’s arm crocheting too?!


I’m knitting… usual.


Right now I’m working on an easy garter stitch stuffed animal for my cousin. I’m using Lion’s Pride Woolspun.

Do you know what Ugly Dolls are? I’m kind of making something like that.


Ugly Dolls. They’re kind of cute!

Also, I’m making some wrist warmers for my little cousin whose name is Phoebe. She’s 4 and loves anything she gets as a present.

Happy Sunday!

quest for yarn

When I opened my Etsy shop, I had a hard time picking what yarn I was going to use for it.

I’m a fan of all Lion Brand yarn, because they have a great selection, great colors, and also I love their website, where there are thousands (literally) of free patterns. I especially like their Hometown USA yarn, which (I know) is 100% acrylic, BUT, super soft. I really like their tweed colors.


You can buy the yarn directly from Lion Brand, and pay $5.29 a ball (plus shipping), but conveniently there is a Hancock Fabrics store that I buy the yarn from for $3.70 a ball. A great deal!

Anyway, feel free to share your yarn experience in the comment section. Happy knitting!

v day patterns

I hope you all have a great Valentine’s day!!!! I found some cute Valentine knits (and some crochets) that would be perfect for gifts.

This cup cozy is from Very cute and perfect for coffee or tea drinkers! Click here for the pattern.


This super easy and really pretty dishcloth is from Click here for the pattern.


Unfortunately, this pattern is not availible anymore, but you can find a similar one on Etsy for $4.75 here.

Last but not least, this lacy crocheted scarf by Fiber Flux. There is a video tutorial and also a free written pattern. Click here to find both of them.

Sorry for the timing of the post. It probably is too late to make some of these, but maybe if you are a fast knitter or crocheter you could whip some of these up as a last minute gift. Once again, have a great V Day!